WooBerry has reopened with their new look

You may have noticed that WooBerry closed for a while around the holidays so they could do some work on the place.

Well, they’re reopened now and the new look is beautiful. Brendan Melican and Iris Lyons, put a lot of thought into everything and have made a great place to sit down, relax and have a nice conversation. There’s new color on the walls, new lighting and new artwork. I also noticed the great playlist put together by Brendan.

Also, ice cream! There’s still frozen yogurt but… ice cream. Made in-house and it’s delicious.

Love Bites – vanilla ice cream with brownies and cheesecake in it.

I’ve been “sampling” the new ice cream and can personally recommend PB & Jelly, Love Bites, and Maple Walnut.

Artwork of John Trobaugh. johnart.com

Last weekend, Brendan installed their first local artist gallery featuring the work of John Trobaugh. I love the way John uses color.

Heather Rigney painted a new mural on the back wall last weekend.

Heather Rigney’s books, Walking the Merrow and Hunting the Merrow, were on sale while Heather painted the new artwork.

The completed mural by Heather.

2nd Floor Sculpture Park atThe Sprinkler Factory

There’s a lot of great work on display at The Sprinkler Factory now through February 25.

The intent of this exhibit is to bring the wonderland of outdoor sculpture gardens and the scope of mural art indoors for the winter.

2nd Floor Sculpture Park

Open Gallery: Saturdays and Sundays, 1-4pm
Closing Reception: Saturday February 25th, 5-9pm

Participating Artists

Andrew Anderson
Keri Anderson
Bayda Asbridge
Lisa Barthelson
Oscar-Alberto Bogran
Scott Boilard
John Buron
Brian Burris
Laura Cahalane
Carrie Crane
Christine Cross
Christine Croteau
Luis Antonio Fraire
Tim Furman
Pam Golden
Brian Goodhue
Melinda Goodhue
Anne Greene
Anne Harris
Don Hartmann
Richard Paul Hoyer
J-me Johnston
Nicholas Kantarelis
Patti Kelly
Christopher King
Amy Klausmeyer
Jeanne Kowal
Mike Hendrickson
Edward Lilley
Madeleine Lord
Elisa Minasian
Kim Noonan
Ashley Occhino
Victor Pacheco
John Pagano
Ann Rainey
Daniel Rochette
Melissa Roszkiewicz
Donna Rudek
Joseph Douglas Sage
Ken Salins
Emily Sandagata
Robb Sandagata
Donalyn Schofield
Lynn Simmons
Kledia Spiro
Hank VonHellion
Mihoko Wakabayashi
Jessica Walsh
Peter Wise