Worcester, Masschusetts

Turtle Boy’s cousin, Dolphin Boy

Turtle Boy Statue

Everyone knows about Turtle Boy but did you know about Dolphin Boy?
Wormtown Taxi has pictures and a great post. If you haven’t seen him, he’s a statue of a nude boy swimming with a dolphin located in a courtyard behind One Chestnut Place. Actually, he looks a bit like he’s flying not swimming. It’s not as snicker-worthy as Turtle Boy, but it is a bit odd due to where it is and how it is positioned.

I remember the “Dolphin Boy” statue from my Paul Revere Insurance days. We used to have lunch at the Chestnut Cafe at One Chestnut Place. From inside the cafe you get a clear view of the back end of this very large, anatomically correct, naked boy. One of my friends used to threaten to sneak in at night and put shorts on him so we could eat lunch without that view.

Anyway – head over to Wormtown Taxi and have a look.

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