Photos & Videos Turtle Boy Worcester, Masschusetts

Turtle Boy 2021

The city has been refurbishing monuments and statues around the city and it was finally Turtle Boy’s turn.

Worcester residents had some feelings about it. Ashley Green captured the reaction best via Instagram Reel:

It’s not “just a statue”.

The Turtle Boy statue, for those who aren’t familiar, is a sort of unofficial mascot of the City of Worcester. I know it sounds funny in light of what it looks like but it’s a beloved landmark.

Any change to this statue was going to have a lot of reaction. Victor Infante makes an excellent point about why.

Worcester has been undergoing a LOT of change, lately. Turtleboy, however, was supposed to be eternal and unchanging, a touchstone at a time when the city fears losing its identity to luxury apartments and gentrification. Any change to that symbol was going to be a bit jarring.

Victor Infante, Worcester Magazing / Worcester Telegram and Gazette
Worcesteria: Nothing gets Worcester fired up like Turtleboy

Additional Commentary

Spectrum News got some great video of the process if you’re into seeing that.