‘Turtle Boy’ by The RoadKill Orchestra – Message In a Bottle Edition

June 9, 2010 practice session. Turtle Boy is the result of the June 2010 “Turd Thursday” Songwriter’s Challenge here at the Emporium. The theme was, in fact, Worcester’s Turtle Boy, also known as the Burnside Statue.

There is a challenge every month. Stay tuned for more tunes and hope to see you all out there in real life real soon!

Shot with two Canon ZR930s at Dr. GONZO’s All Natural MEGA Spicy Comestible EMPORIUM.

Music/Lyrics/Arrangement by J. Stuart Esty 2010

Look for more original music videos here and the upcoming full album of timeless tunes from theRoadKill Orchestra coming soon to drgonzos.com.

theRoadKill Orchestra is:
Tuna: Drums & backup vocals
Pork Chop : Bass & backup vocals
Shades: Lead Guitar & backup vocals
Willwürk Fajürky: Tenor Sax & backup vocals
GT Nightcrawler: everything else