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Worcester Scavenger Hunt – Update

In October, Victor Infante, Entertainment Editor at Worcester Telegram & Gazette, challenged everyone in Worcester to get out and experience some of the things going on in the City. The challenge was in the form of a scavenger hunt where participants would go to events and locations on his list and take selfies and share them with him. Here’s the story and the list:  So You Think You Know Worcester? 

Challenge accepted, Victor. I started at the Bean Counter and went from there. I’m pretty competitive and he did say “challenge” so I tried to do as many as I could. I managed to get to 9 in total which was apparently the most so I was the “winner” (I won bragging rights and the fun I had going to all these places. Go, me!). I think anyone that went out and did stuff “won”.

As a follow up to his original article, Victor invited me to be a guest on the Culture Watch podcast to talk about the places I went and things I saw. Here’s Victor’s story with the podcast: A conversation with the winner of the 2nd annual Worcester Selfie Scavenger Hunt.

The official scavenger hunt is over but I plan to continue going through the list and getting to as many of the events and places as possible. There are a lot of things I just didn’t have time to get to.

I encourage everyone to take the list and go see some stuff or make your own list of stuff you’ve been meaning to see. Whatever works best for you but get out there and have fun.

My Scavenger Hunt Photos:

Map Of The Places:

Turtle Boy Tours – Ice Cream and Art

You’ve got a couple of hours to spend and it’s a nice day out but you can’t think of anything to do. We’ve all been there so here’s a suggestion: make a visit to  WooBerry for ice cream then go check out the Pow! Wow! Worcester 2017 murals on the walls of Elm Park Community School. WooBerry is located at the corner of West and Highland street and the murals are about a block down West Street.

The Ice Cream

WooBerry’s owners have intentionally created a place for people to feel comfortable taking their time and relaxing. They’ve got a great playlist, seating,  and included art from local artists. The staff is amazing.  It’s always a pleasant experience.

The ice cream and yogurt are made in-house. They even have vegan ice cream. The ice cream is made in small batches so there are often new flavors to try.

There’s street parking on Highland, West, and surrounding streets. There’s also some parking in a lot behind the shop. If you park there, please be excellent and move your vehicle before you go look at the art at the school.

WooBerry is locally owned and operated. I prefer to support local business when I can. Follow WooBerry on Instagram @wooberry_icecream or Facebook.

The Art

After ice cream, head down the street and have a look at the beautiful 2017 Pow! Wow! Worcester murals on the walls of Elm Park Community School.

These are just a few of the murals. I’ve listed the artists names and links to their sites or social media below the map so you can check them out.